RS3 Selling Decent Account (99 Herblore)

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  1. I invested 6 hard weeks of work into this account. I know that's not long, but it has like, 23 days of played time. I no lifed haha. I am taking offers in GP or $. I want to make a new account mainly because I enjoy grinding out skills. Please post offers, and do not comment anything negative :)

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  2. very interested. has it been botted on? this seems like it has been suicide botted, any marks?
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    and also, do we get to change the email?
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  3. It has no marks, and absolutely no botting done on it. The 99 herblore was done in 17 hours on 2x xp weekend. The combat was earned as well. I have invested my own time on it, I do not bot on main accounts because I have been permed for botting in the past. And yes, I would allow an email change, it will be fully converted to your ownership once purchased.
  4. you have any sort of price range? its hard to tell what you'd want for it when you put your own time into it.
  5. I honestly would like to get back what I invested in it. I spent 150mil on herblore and like 50-60mil on Prayer. My friend said I should prolly look for ~200-250 mil for it (converts to 27 cents per mill if paid in cash)
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    Oh, it also has like a ton of RuneCoin gear.
    Full Lava Outfit,
    Full Sentinel Outfit
    Full Vitality Suit (Active and Inactive)
    2x Brutal Rapier Skins
    2x Blazing Longsword Skins
    The Rapier/Lance combo Skins
    Executioners Cleaver
    Old School DFS
    Inari Tail
  6. For those who are interested. Its so easy to get account back, even if email is changed. Just pm support, got hacked etc. They will give acc back. Thats why websites wont buy accounts.
  7. yeah thats what I was worried about
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    id be interested but not interested in blowing $75 with a risk of it getting taken back
  8. i mean, we can use a middleman. Im perfectly okay with that.
  9. middleman is not helping, if you pm rs support for acc back, lol.
  10. I mean, everyone knows the risk of account buying. You have to decide for yourself. I mean, you can go get 99 herblore on your own if you want haha :p
  11. Probably would, hence you are asking for the full price of 99 herb.
  12. i got 99 herb on osrs :p
  13. 99 Herb is much more than 200mil with current g.e. prices. Just to get 99 herblore you need 3400 ovls, the price of 3400 of each extreme is over 200mill itself. Not to mention there are 100 mill worth of cosmetics on the account, a good amount of bank, and 1650 total in other skills. If you want to talk down about the account, why are you here?
  14. He is here to stop scammers like you bud.
  15. Lol? How is selling an account scamming? There are multiple people in this forum section selling accounts. You seem salty because you were dumb enough to get scammed in the past?
  16. Nah, im not dumb enough to buy accounts what can be easily returned.
    Selling account is obliviously scamming, because u can get it back anytime.
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    Seems like you are salty, because i ruined your deal what u could get, stay ez.
  17. Just because they "Can" be recovered, doesn't mean someone is going to do that. Tons of people buy and sell game accounts across various games (League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, etc). I've sold multiple game accounts on multiple games, and they all had the option of being recovered if you went to support.. Doesn't mean I lack the morals to do that. Im bored of my main and want to go back to playing a staker and focusing on PKing, so I'm selling it, simple enough.
  18. Sure you are a legit seller, like all those guys. I would never feel safe with bought account, next day it might be recovered and gf bank. Not worth for it.
  19. That's just you. And if that's how you feel, there was no need to comment here, trying to trash my post.
  20. If telling people facts is trashing your post, im okay with that.

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