Selling failed 9hp skiller

Discussion in 'General Market' started by HitchThoseCocks, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. its 4cmb. Taking pretty low bids for it.
    Not original owner.
    50% of profit going to runem9.
    Has 60 mining didn't show.
    C/B: $17.50

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  2. It isnt failed imo, you could still make it 99 mage etc without getting const hp
  3. What combat stats does it have?
  4. imo it's not really failed, what pushed it to cmb 4?
  5. 2 atk 3 range
  6. 2 atk 3 range sorry dont know how to multi quote
  7. ill bid $1.69
  8. I'll bid $5
  9. it's only failed because you're playing that crappy verison
  10. dont contest me bro
  11. I like the crappy version :(

    @OP isn't there any way for you to reset combat stats? I recall Jagex adding stat resets a couple months back...not sure though.
  12. Only summ/prayer/def/const
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