Selling ready obby mauler + 60 hunter

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Bunix, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. hello there!

    well i just got bored of obby pures and i have a main that need some cash to train.

    i'm selling this account with its registred email.



    Black marks/ membership left:

    terms and Conditions:

    • we will use MM
    • We will both (buyer and me) give us feedbacks.
    • You will get the MM and pay the fees (only for paid ones of course)
    I'm only accepting rsgp.

    Current bid:

    A/w: 10m

    My only skype: "strbunix"
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  2. 10m RS3?

    cause definitely not worth $30 (10m OSRS )
  3. 1/60 sell for 5m. also 10m is A/w :)
    still no highest bid
    oh and 1m= $1.98, not $3
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    daily bump!

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