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  1. Quitting runescape for good. Ive sold all my mules, and bots. Ive made my money from it, and dont feel like dealing with the economy anymore. Its entirely too easy for goldfarmers to establish themselves in this game. Gold is dropping to ridiculous amounts as far as RWT goes. Only character I haven't sold yet is this one. Still a ton of work to do on the account, so whoever buys it, should actually like playing the game.

    It has whatever it has on it. I know there is some bandos items, some mage shit i was using, tons of dungeoneering tokens, imp, about 6-7 chaotics, tons of prayer shit I was using.

    Account has several old mute offenses on it. These all were a while ago. Never have gotten caught botting with it, or banned for any other offenses.

    Stat wise it looks like this
    OH yeah, and its invention skill is level 1. (I havent logged in for a long time)


    They say you should always aim higher than what you are trying to get for something, so lets start this off at $150.00 paypal. Best Offer wins, unless it gets sold somewhere first ( this is not the only forum im posting this on)
  2. Seeya in a few months lol

    Gl with sales
  3. Naw, im really done. I found another game thats a bit more profitable as far as real currency goes. rather just put my time in there.

    After this, i literally have nothing else invested in this game, lol. And I will not be starting from 1, lol. Dope undiscoverable bot or not, lol.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what game have you moved on too?
  5. how much you looking to get
  6. 150 | OBO
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