RS3 Selling RS3 gold - $.25/M

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Manager, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Skype: managerpb
    No lowballin, otherwise i'd just sell to goldsites.
    I am not reselling gold, all gold is earned by myself.
    Current stock: 30M RS3
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  2. By any chance you accept PSC? I for sure know you don't but it is just to make it clear.
  3. how much are you looking for? :)
  4. Well i need $10 PSC at the most, so if you do it'd sell you $10 worth of gold
    I'm looking for offers ;)
  5. Is 10€ fine? My currency is euros not dollars :p
  6. Yeah can work with that too.
  7. Currently talking in skype, going to go first for a 100M.
  8. Sold 100M @DaAlmyte went first, thanks!
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  9. Just bought 40M. Went first. Awesome guy by the way.
  10. Thanks!
    Got some extra, 250M left to sell!!
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  11. 0.25/m?
  12. skype: managerpb
  13. Went First for 120M

    Smooth as anything nice guy
    great seller.
  14. Brought 150m, went first.
    Great seller ^_^ put up with my banter during trade.
  15. Just bought rsgp and i went first. will purchase more from him in the future!

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