Selling RS3 Main account

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  1. stats.png Photos of bank tabs included - 29m cash, nothing too special, but alot of time and work gone into the account

    124 quest points including-
    Temple of senntisten completed
    The elder kiln
    One of a kind

    Auras on the account;
    Greater green fingers

    Items worth noting;
    Charming imp
    Bone crusher
    Demon horn necklace
    Silverhawk boots
    Gem bag


    Looking for at least £35 GBP
    Please contact me via skype : RichardM182

    Thankyou :) tab7.png prayers.png tab1.png tab2.png tab3.png prayers.png tab1.png tab2.png tab3.png tab4.png tab5.png View attachment 595 tab7.png tab8.png tab9.png
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  2. $40

    Show pictures of skills and quest points
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  3. Oh sorry, i did take one, just didnt upload will fix now - 40 dollars is below the 35 gpb mark :)
  4. I contacted you on skype but I havent gotten a reply.
  5. Sorry about that, will check now
  6. Contacted you via skype
  7. Im interested in the account but I have yet to hear back from you on skype..
  8. No reply on skype..
  9. im currently trying to disable authenticator but not recieving emails from jagex - cant sell the account until i can de-active, sorry will contact you as soon as i am able to.

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