Shady stuff going on... 2 Accounts "locked" Recover

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  1. So, let me start off by saying I will be pointing no fingers at anyone. I will say what i need to say and try to the best of my ability to prove my points so if anything I say doesn't make since please let me know and ill try to better explain what I mean.

    So about a week ago i joined this site. Found it online and figured i would try it. I use Ubuntu as my preferred PC OS but it doesn't like to RS. Several months back I tried to update to Windows 10 and i got a bad upgrade and my Windows partition was corrupt. Didn't bother me as i rarely used it. However when i decided to try this website i knew i would need windows as its more optimized for my pc and give me better experience running a bot and RS at the same time vs my semi laggy RS experience on Ubuntu,

    -This PC has a FRESH install of Windows 10 Fully updated (less then a week old from my corrupt partition which i formatted and reinstalled Windows on).
    -PC has 2 Anti-virus programs (fully updated Bitdefender 2016, and Malwarebytes Pro).
    -I also have a copy of Zemana Anti-Keylogger (Fully updated).
    -I use a secure encrypted VPN 100% of the time while connecting to this site and my bots.
    -My wifi is password protected and i live in the rural country (so i dont have multiple people trying to connect to my router for free internet).
    -I've ran multiple scans on this PC since i've install this OS on EVERY program that ive downloaded.

    Programs installed
    -Google Chrome
    -Private Internet Access VPN
    -Malwarebytes Pro
    -Bitdefender 2016 Total security
    -Zemana Anti-Keylogger
    -Java 8 x64

    These are the only programs I've installed on this computer. I do not download random programs. This is a fresh partition with a fresh install. All security programs have been kept fully up to date.

    In the last week I've used 2 different accounts on this site, Both someone tried to recover last night. Both had 2 separate (randomly passwords not used on anything else I use). One account was a 4 year old blank I've kept from my old botting days and a fresh 3 day old account.

    Neither account has anyting of value as they where simply used as test/dumb accounts. The 4 year old account had not been logged into once in the last 1000+ days. Within a week of using this client both accounts i have used on it someone has tried to recover. My internet connection has been secured 100% of the time from my PC to the client.

    I have not saved any passwords into the client. I make my own passwords up on the spot and write them down on their own separate flashcards.

    I'm not saying the client is responsible for this but it just seems like a huge coincidence considering the distance i go for security and i dont know at what point this information was compromised but it was.

    I do use the Google Authenticator on this site but not on the accounts. However even if that was the case that wouldn't not have stopped someone from locking that accounts and trying to recover them to change the passwords.

    If you feel I have missed something or have some ideas please share I'm all ears.

    For each bot I've used only 1 VPN server, I will not state which town however I use the same exact server each time (each account has a separate server) these accounts are like that so they dont see my IP bouncing across the US.

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  2. It's not RM fault. I keep all of my accounts added to the account thingy, have never had issues with it. Gotta be something on your end, hard as it is to believe :p

    Unless, around this time was during the security PSA and shit that happened. In that case, could have been anything. However during that, none of my accounts were touched.
  3. I have read the PSA, I joined this website on Monday. I'm not trying to imply this problem was on RM's end as everyone seems to love this site and i kinda like the community. However its just the odds that all this happened the way it did..
  4. I know you weren't trying to imply that :p I'm just saying that it's secure to add your accounts should you choose to. Anyways, could of just been something random, stuff happens :)
  5. Irony?
  6. Yep, I'd chalk this one up to irony as well. Shit happens. Just how this world works.
  7. I said that for a reason. English is not my native language, I do not try and hide it and i have a hard time remembering all the uses for one word. For that i apologies however a typo doesnt change the topic and your comment while it did bump the subject was rather worthless. I do not mean this in a rude way but it has not contributed anything worth while except for the fact I'm not proficient at this language.
  8. I personally don't really think this is a topic that needs to be thrown out as a joke or irony.
  9. No worries, I wish I knew more than English. Have tried to learn French/Spanish, German, and Japanese all at different times in my life. My brain just doesn't retain the info.

    the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning:
    the irony of her reply, “How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.
  10. I see, and i apologies. I just get irritated when people disregard my statement over a typo. It happens alot, I need to run to the store tho. I will return shortly.
  11. You have no reason to apologize, it's all good :) Be safe on your travels to the store and back :p

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