RS3 Sharkys Fire Cape / TokHaar cape Services.

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    Hello and welcome to my thread. Here you will find my AIO services that I provide:

    Rules and notes ;):
    1. Unsuccesfull orders will be 100% refunded.
    2. If you want to pause the services, just let me know.
    3. 50% of payment is given before the result and 50% after. If I fail, I refund every coin!

    You now get a 25% discount until 1 AUGUST :)

    Fight caves/ Fight Kiln ( Tzhaar capes )

    Reward: Firecape.
    Minimum requirements: 70 ranged/70 magic, 43 prayer and 60+ Constitution.
    Lenght: Up to 90 minutes.
    Price: 10-20 M/RS3 Gp ( Based on skills and gear setup ).

    Fight Kiln:

    Reward: Tokhaar cape of your choice / Uncut onyx.
    Minimum requirements: 75+ Defence, 70+ Prayer, T80 weapons, 80+ Ranged/Magic Respective gear.
    Lenght: Around 60 minutes.
    Price: 10-20M/RS3 Gp ( Based on skills and gear setup ).
    Questing services:

    Novice quests: 1M.
    Intermediate: 2M.
    Experienced: 3-5M.
    Master: 5-10M.
    Grandmaster: 10-20M

    Recipe for disaster: 30M
    Dimension of disaster: 30M

    *Price may vary depending on quest lenght.
    *Some quests cannot be ordered: Broken home.
    *Additional fee if you want me to collect required items.
    *The price of services must be 5M or more for me to start questing.
    More services will come if there will be some requests. :cool:

    Little about myself: Im playing Runescape since late 2006. I have a big knowledge of the game with tottaly of around 4000 hours played on several accounts.

    I will be uploading some progress reports to this thread. Feel free to ask anything you want to know by sending me a personal message (PM) or leaving a comment in this thread.

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