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  1. Hey guys! im checking to see if someone could possibly make a simple, OSRS shilo village gem miner! would be great! thanks
  2. Could just ask @Exia to add this.
  3. What did he say?
  4. no reply so far
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    Still hoping this happens eventually lol.
  5. I imagine it would be a very low priority request given the unusual nature of the task. If it's not commonly done, people commonly won't write bots for it.
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  6. I think its a great idea
  7. yah its not too busy and my friend said he was making like 1-3m a day there! he trained 99 mining there :)
  8. Worth speaking to @Exia about it, see if he has the time :)
  9. i did mention it on his mining bot, but to no reply. so im guessing he has no time :(
  10. I didn't see the request. Shillo is actually a really simple location for my miner to add since there is nothing special about it (no doors or gates or anything). On top of that, I already have it implemented in RS3 so I can just convert it over. I'll see what I can do tonight if I have time.

    One thing to note though, even if I add it, my script bot is kinda shit right now because of spectre so using it won't be that great.
  11. Thanks bro! aprreciate it. can u post on here when its done? :D

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