OSRS Shilo village gem miner

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by boy9959, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Clues in the title :)
  2. I read it
  3. If you could get me some info on shilo village, I could add it. Because my accounts arent members and cannot reach that area. I would need the inside area of the bank there, an area that includes all the gem rocks, and a web created by slashnhax's tool that contains all of that. :D
    It seems kinda hard, but it is really easy. If someone needs help or would rather me do it, please PM me! :p
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. @boy9959 I can kinda see your username!!!
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    What i meant, is could you use the development toolkit thing to get the coordinates of a rectangle that surrounds all the gem rocks and another that encloses the inside of the bank.
    So get the top corner and a bottom corner and i will make a rectangle out of each which i use for my mining bot. :D
  6. can you go on discord and ill go through it with you
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    Plus that wasn't my account lololol
  7. ummmmm, i guess. I dont really like voice chat. Can we do slack?
  8. Ummmm if you have the link then yes
  9. @boy9959 I need you to map the region from the bank to the gem rocks using Slashnhax's web maker tool. Just set spacing to 1 for bot x and y and map every second while moving between the two places. Then, when done, save it and send it to me :D. That is all i need. Thanks
  10. If you can't get it done, I will get it done first thing in the morning for you all as a Gem Miner seems like a good idea
  11. I already got it @Cheekeh Nandos
    This is just an addition to a mining bot i already have released. :D
  12. Sorry @awesome123man, I meant I would map the region if he needed help with it ~ I already use your mining bot and a gem addition would be pretty cool :p
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  13. :D Lol, well thanks for offering to help! I couldnt have done it without the help. Hope it works! i could have accidently broken the banking... We will see.
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    Updated so gem mining should work

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    Gem miner is now proven to work! :D

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