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  1. Anybody good with Simba that could help me? OSRS
  2. It's rather strange to ask for help for another bot on this forums. I suggest using their forums instead.
  3. Nah I spend all my time on this one
  4. I'm saying that there might not be as much knowledge regarding your topic as there is on their forum.
  5. Its basically just to get running a script bot
  6. If you can't setup Simba on your own, then Simba is not for you.
  7. Stop being fucking stupid. That's just like going to Simba forums asking to get help for RuneMate.
  8. Ive got it up and followed the tut but i get this when running a script bot

    Error: Access violation
    Compiling failed.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 8, 2015, Original Post Date: Jul 8, 2015 ---
  9. As suggested by bertrand, go ask on simbas forums. They're 9001% more likely to be able to help you in an instant than we are. After all, everyone there uses the bot and it's their bot. They should have better support for their own client than another clients community does lol.
  10. Language please. Anyways; I'm afraid that this is not the place to ask for help about a different bot client. If you were to do this on powerbot you'd already have been banned. Try requesting help on their forums.
  11. Suarez > Hazard
  12. compilation failed meens there is either

    1) anti leech, read the first post for authors instruction
    2) error report on the thread you got the script bot from
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Lmao this is next level sad. Thread closed.

    Oh and again, a tl;dr on using Simba is that if you can't get it to work then you're too retarded to use.
  15. If you're on RuneMate don't ask how to work different clients, laddie.
  16. Not so much this, it's just that he'd have more luck on their website than ours.
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