SimplyBot revieuw?

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  1. i am NOT advertising for them. just want to know your opinions.
  2. Literally never heard of it until now. They don't even have the forum, only the download option.

    All in all, you'll probably download malware.
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  3. I think that's a scam site...
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  4. Yeah, Simply bot is a phishing client lady's and Gentlemen don't use it

  5. Yeah, i kinda wanted to download it cause there is an 'Zulrah Bot' because i suck at zulrah i wanted to try that bot but their forum link doesnt work like Falixus said. Thanks though.
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  6. Do not download. It's a spyware.
  7. No problem.
    I like how in this vid they're blocking out the real client name and name of the bot in use. :p

  8. Always fishy when it doesn't even have a formal website or forum
  9. Is there even an Zulrah bot then? :3
  10. Yea but paying good money for it on different forums
  11. I would tell you where to go but new to forums and don't want to get banned for advertising other bots. So pm me I guess
  12. You can mention other bot sites here. You wont get banned.

    And yes OP this is a malware site. Do not download the application and run you will lose your account.
  13. You wouldn't be. If there's a bot that doesn't exist here, then I think telling someone what botter has it, and what specific bot it is, is fine. You should also try requesting it here, so that it can be on RuneMate.
  14. Well then if I wont get banned TRiBot has a 1 or two bots for Zulrah, TRiBot is a premium botting client though and most good quality scripts bots are paid but if you can fork out for zulrah script bot people make so much and sell the gold to make such good profit, I personally made lots off of oldschool there with other scripts bots. But my time has passed from oldschool as I enjoy Darkscape! and then I came accross this lovely botting client, what a great community and bot I must add :)
  15. i cant tell if people are serious
    do people acutally fall for this?
    are people actually dumb enough to download rats?
  16. I like how the video says to use the download link in the description, IF the site is down.
    Seems sooooo legit :p
  17. I would not try it...
  18. Yep malware, read into some of the code its just a big phat scam bro. dont do it.
  19. Ok I know this is SUPER late, but I kinda think what they've done is kinda clever. They have https:// on their domain and make a point on the webpage to "only trust webpages with https://". Additionally, they also encoded their html in hex, so you can't immediately tell what's going on behind the scenes when you "view source" (however, googling a hex to ascii converter and copy+pasting the hex over will do the job for you).

    I do find it interesting that there are at least 5+ bots on every world advertising, and I can't imagine that they're being I guess the creator must have written a script bot/program to keep on generating accounts to spam. However, using a program or script bot to make accounts is ridiculously difficult with all the anti-robot checks. Is there one guy no lifing making spam accounts? I highly doubt there's more than one or two people doing this... but I might be wrong.

  20. This doesn't necessarily mean they're the one coding. Probaly a bulk account creator or a private client.

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