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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm very excited to try Sinkholes, but I'm wondering how much XP I will get at my starter account with level 10 Dungeoneering in a single day.
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  2. depends on ur luck which lamp u get etc
  3. Yeah, but what's like the average XP I'll get a day ?
  4. I'm trying to find out the daily average :p
    Anyone can give me an rough estimate ?
  5. well, you can only do sinkholes twice a day

    you're level 10 and from looking at the link i posted, 1 average game would be 152.4xp

    so... at level 10... you would get 204.8xp/day
    but it would increase as you level so
  6. Mate he linked you to the xp per lamp, you should be able to figure it out very easily from there. It really depends on how you do in the sinkhole and what rewards you get at the end. You could get almost no xp (token reward from both of your 2 daily sinkholes) or you could get a lot of xp (huge lamp + meerkats from both sinkholes) or anywhere in between...

    That said, the xp at level 10 will be pretty shit. I'd level it a bit in normal dungeons first, but sinkholes reset daily so there is no harm in doing your 2 a day anyway.
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  7. Thanks for your answers guys !
    It's just that I was kinda confused as people said its huge XP.
    But yeah, seems to be on higher levels.

    I did check out that wiki page tho, but just had to be sure :p
  8. It's an alright xp maker, I did it once and I would never do it again ( I would rather dung for the xp)
  9. #bots4life haha
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