OSRS Skiller only from Runemate [Progress] [Updated Daily]

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by lzdylanzl, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. So i started last night first skill im going for is 99fletching

    Ok so its been awhile havent been botting nonstop since i play other steam games with friends and i need to get a vps.

    Here is what i'm at
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  2. Good luck! Try to bot safely, very easy to get banned on OSRS
  3. Yeah for now i'm doing fletching so i can stand in a pile of people. eventually i'll do some quests to play a little legit.
  4. I've done that on one of my med level accounts, got to 90 and then slapped with a ban, just a heads up.
  5. gl on your goal(s) :D
  6. I love this, lots of luck
  7. I botted 1-90 Woodutting without "playing legit sometimes" i guess i was lucky :)
  8. Doing math based of your total level, 86-23 skills - 9 hitpoints = 54. meaning range and attack lvl 1 lol.
  9. inb4 jmod
  10. been awhile but here is were i'm at!
  11. Total level 125/126... Bro nice gains, but level up other stats lol
  12. haha just got a few levels in a few different skills
  13. I think you'd be better of mixing skills up a little, do a few Fletching levels and then switch to another skill for some time, but that's up to you.
    Nice progress, keep up te good work!
  14. i'm at 97 atm just taking a break playing some CSGO but i will get 99 tomorrow and re-update the post i'm probably going to get 50mage so i can get cooking gauntlets but i'm probably going to splash it and make it a 10hp pure
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    rip banned last night pretty sure i hit 99 too. GF 10m lol
  15. Ahh too bad man.. Seems they watch OSRS alot more than RS3, or I am just very lucky lol.
    Are you gonna start again or not?
  16. may i ask ur csgo rank? ^_^
  17. DMG but i have just started botting again this time i have stats in multiple different skills and combat skills so its not a skiller lets see how this works.

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