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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by wikte, May 20, 2016.

  1. Here is list of skills that does not have bot or is kinda useless for xp/h:
    Construction: No bot

    Crafting: There is only flax spinner

    Farming: No bot

    Firemaker: There is one but not working

    Prayer: Current ones only bury bones, so POH type would help a lot

    Runecrafting: No bot

    Slayer: No bot

    Smithing: Only smelter, so Smithing or Blast Furnace would help a lot
    So it would be really helpful if bot authors could at least make basic bots for these skills :)
  2. Farming PLEASE
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  3. i support this 100% calling all bot authors please a spinner first if any
  4. I'm sure @Aria stated that his slayer script bot was being brought over to spectre but is busy atm, fire making bot i'll give it ago. You've not stated if you want osrs or rs3 or both, if rs3 alpha portables works wonders with smithing/crafting&fire making farming would take alot of coding etc but sure someone would create one if requested and they had time.
  5. Near title is OSRS tag, since I am playing only osrs, I checked only osrs bots...
  6. oh sorry my phone didn't display that bit. I'll give the fire making ago shortly.
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    Also with the Gilded alter would you be banking or going to rimmington unnoting the bones with the guy inside the shop?
  7. Well i dont need prayer, just mentioned since i am sure there people who need, prob rimmington is best
  8. Runecrafting will be soonTM, I'm adding it to my rotation.
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  9. Will someone make a thieving bot?
  10. There's an AIO pickpocketer and a nature theiver already iirc
  11. oh ok thanks I didnt see them
  12. Will this be rs3 aswell?
  13. Yes
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  14. Kyler1994 when u will try make firemaking bot?
  15. Smelter/Smither added to rotation and Magic to follow.
  16. Anything new about blast furnace? is it possible?
  17. Possible but on the backlog I think.

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