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  1. Hello there, I'm fairly new to the RuneMate community, however I've botted on and off for a few years, closer to 4 or 5. I'm coming from the Powerbot community, cause let's face it, they're going downhill. Anywho, after seeing how simple it was to download this bot and start botting, I figured why not make a few test accounts to see how things work. Well, I'll be supporting this bot 100%. Here's a 24hr proggy. and yes, the bot is still going as I write this. I realize this account may get banned, I got it through tut island and have been botting it since then. I don't care if it gets banned as this was a test. And I'd say RuneMate passed with flying colors.

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  2. That's quite the stress test. Glad we meet/exceed your standards. :D
  3. :) more than meet my standards. I wasn't going to try anything more than 12, but then 12 hit and i was like #yolo. Next paycheck, definitely supporting. :) Thank you.
  4. How'd you run 24 hours straight??? What about the 6 hour cutoff??
  5. Doesn't apply for 07?
  6. It does, but it just logs you off.

    OP: I'm happy to welcome you to our community! :)
  7. Let us know if we make the 2 days! :)
  8. I ended up stopping it as i was going to switch tree locations. However I do have a 48-hour planned session hopefully soon :)

    EDIT: The account did get banned, but thats likely the result of 24hr botting without logging out, and whatnot. now that I know what RuneMate is capable of :) it's time to make more accounts and run more tests :) Still very happy with RuneMate though.
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  9. Keep us updated on your tests :)

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