Question Sliskelion piece being dropped now

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by CrunchIzzle, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. First off I am sorry if this is in the wrong place :(

    The unexpected item handler keeps trying to drop sliskelion pieces for me now. For one i don't want it to but further whenever tries the bot buggs out for a bit after too. Also, say if it does it in the middle of converting memories on a div bot, it will go right back to harvesting even if it only converted 2 before dropping / trying to drop the pieces. As you can imagine this behavior looks EXTREMELY bot like and also is gimping exp per hour insanely hard.

    It never was doing this before and I just noticed it in the past day or 2. Is this something directly related to the scripts bots you have loaded to runemate (I just added some others, but im running the same bot I always have been never having this issue) or is it the client itself?
  2. It was added very recently, gonna tie @SlashnHax in as he can take a look at it. Might be worth adding an option to disable this?

    Also moving to correct section.
  3. siskelion pieces are quite old tbh, they were implemented like a year ago, just before i quit cuz of a ban

    i dont get why strange rocks are getting dropped tho
  4. I mean that they were added to the UnexpectedItemHandler quite recently.
  5. mah bad
  6. is there any way that i can disable it doing this or is that a setting I wouldnt be able to change?
  7. You can disable the Tray Notifications for now so it stops popping up. I'm sure there'll be a discussion about the handler(s) shortly.

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