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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by smitty260, Mar 6, 2016.

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  2. I probably could. Not to sound rude but can I ask why? I'm just a beginner developer which is why I kept it free and open source so that I can potentially get feedback from other developers. ;P
  3. So this money making don't drop in the ass that why :)
  4. Yeah, fair enough. I'll try and make it a bit better first. Also the price are crashing atm anyway because of bxp. Plus the bot isn't that great atm. Still gets stuck sometimes. xD
  5. it crashing cos i gold the fuck out of this with 31 acc's with a colorbot before XD
  6. I think it's more so because of bxp because they were at 8-9k before it and then crashed hard soon after. xD
  7. Needs a proper gui, and a decent starting paint at least. other than that I guess it works for now, I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks
  8. Yeah I'm not that great with graphical design or JavaFX. It's good for now until I make the actual bot better but I will work on it in future. Thanks for the feedback. :p
  9. np :) i'll stress test it and see how long I can run it for
  10. So you are the one leaving the 500-700GP margins on the buy and sell for this item? Need to thank you then. I've made a few hundred mil from you over the last few years via GE.
  11. Thank you! It does get stuck sometimes. I've been testing it on two accounts to try and fix it but it works for the most part for now. xD

    Probably was him. :p
  12. Will test this out tomorrow. But when you can update this bot a little more I would put it as supporter only.
  13. Thank you. I will think about it. Wouldn't consider it until it runs without stopping. :p
  14. Yeah, it does seem it bug out after around 30-45 mins, but a restart fixes it. :)
  15. Yeah, sometimes it will go sweet for hours but other times it will get stuck after a little bit. Trying to work out the cause for it so I can fix it. ._.
  16. it's all good :)
  17. No1 cares what WYD says anyways. Keep it free man if you want, if an item is crashed it's the people's fault, not your bot. They should sell medium+ or just not sell at all.

    Also, I would make some kind of brand name for your bots (ie Smitty Polar Kebbits, SPolarKebbits, etc) to distinguish your bots more.
  18. Thank you for the reply. I only want to keep it free because I'm still new and I don't think my bots are quality enough to be supporter only.

    I'll have to think of some sort of brand name and update the names. Thanks!
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  19. BoganKebbits :3
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