Bug so ive been hacked

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by kawabungadk, Apr 27, 2016.

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  1. ive had multiple accs hacked and the only place i shared my password was inside the runemate client.. so guys care dont use the auto log in..
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  3. what do you mean?
  4. [​IMG]

    You guys piss me off. Seriously.
  5. your acting like im lieing but ive been on runemate since day one.. iknow how likely this happening is.. but when my all my accs stand in ge with shit in their inv and my bank is 100% unorganized (which normally it is) then i gotta face the facts.. atm i have a main with 2 120skills and only 1gp
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    so please take your none believing shit else where... (also ask evilcabbage if i would lie about this shit...)
  6. People like you. I fucking hate you. And i have to state two facts:

    1. RuneMate didn't do it.
    2. You deserve it and hats off to who ever did it (something else than runemate).
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  7. You got to face the fact that if RuneMate wanted your account, why didn't it happen before? Besides, RuneMate has zero interest in your accounts, that are in value way less than the brand RuneMate and what it portrays. You're a dumbfuck if you actually think RuneMate wants your accounts.
  8. so who did.. ive cleaned my laptop just now and i found nothing.. also irl im a it suppporter. so finding shit is my job.
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    im not saying its runemate im saying my acc has been compromised thrue runemate.. could be a admin or a bot author.. like it was in the old days on powerbot..
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    just saying that the auto login currently isnt safe..
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  10. if i was trying to scam runemate i would ask for my shit back.. am i doing that? nooo cause i know the reaction i would get from you guys.. as long as you only have good things to say its the best community but when you have a complaint its toxic as fuck..
  11. Considering we have high rollers on here mass gold farming and haven't complained about being hacked, runemate wouldn't even bother with your accounts. I recommend looking elsewhere because runemate wasn't the cause.
  12. also ive checked dont have a keylogger and i dont have friends who play runescape.. hell i dont even play runescape its just a way for me to make a few bucks for betting in csgo..
  13. Every bot update gets reviewed for malicious code, all passwords stored in the client are extremely heavily encrypted and can't be read by anyone but your own client.

    It's a very bold action to blame a client and smear the name with crap if you have zero evidence. It's just very very very very very stupid.
  14. >This is not Powerbot
    >All data encrypted client-side
    >Bot authors can't submit calls to any resources which aren't declared, and declared resources are screened.
  15. reason iknow its runemate..
    1. i havnt logged into my main in other than runemate (iknow thats risky but as i said i dont play rs anymore)
    2. ive only logged in with this laptop which i have checked for keylogger
    3. i have no friends who play runescape..

    also maybe im just one of the first guys who noticed ive been hacked..
  16. Dude you can't just walk around and blame the first thing that comes to your mind...
    you must be highly religious, they think in a same way as you blind shit.
  17. And just a friendly warning, don't go presenting speculation as fact. In other words, don't go saying that runemate WAS the cause of your account being hacked when you have no proof of it. It's nothing but a theory, a theory that has too many variables might i add. If you do then i'll be issuing a temporary ban.
  18. Please for the love of God, refer to my above post before you comment again. It is not physically possible for anyone on this site to gain access to your login credentials.
  19. if it looks like a shit and smells like a shit its most likely a shit...
    and i dont want my shit back i just dont want another srry fuck to be hacked.. realise im not doing this to hurt the community but to help it..
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    then what else can it be..?
  20. To everyone else in here, stop flaming. These issues should be dealt with in a calm and civilized manner.
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