Question So, what anti-client detection does RuneMate have?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Twinki, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. I realize RuneMate uses Reflection, but what else is there in place?

    For example, does it load the RS client through the Web? or does it download the client? Does it spoof the UserAgent if it uses the Web?
  2. We don't feel the need to brag about our anti-detection methods, and discussing it could give Jagex enough information to try to reverse-reverse-engineer it. Instead, we'll let our ban rates speak for themselves, which are the lowest I've seen around. All I will say is that a tremendous amount of effort goes into anti-detection (including all the things you mentioned) and it's paying off well for us.

    P.S. We have implemented just about every anti-detection we have heard our other bot client friends have, except for the ones that actually do nothing at all like mirror client. Also search "Clouse" or "Biostatistics" or "Player Sense" for some discussion on our implementations.
  3. I completely respect that, the ban rates are pretty much the only way to prove if what you guys have in place actually works, and if part of it is simply not talking about it publicly, then I won't speak against it.

    Thanks for the reply, so far i'm really liking RuneMate, it's API and Client seem to be pretty nice compared to other clients out there, that and the amount of developer support I keep seeing all over the place. Heh. I've been looking for an updated well developed RS3 Reflection Client for about a week now, only thing I could find that wasn't PowerBot was EpicBot, and the experiences I've had with it in the past, just not really a platform I want to script bot on unless I have no other option.
  4. I have no clue what anti detection methods are used by Runemate, but whatever they are they, seem to work pretty well. Ive used Runemate for about 6 months now and have botted well over 10+ hours of day on multiple accounts this whole time, without a single ban. As of now, it has the lowest ban rate when compared to both reflection and colour bots.
  5. Your should join our Developer Chat for more of that support & love. :p
  6. RuneMate has a certain vibe that can not be compared to any other (botting) community, people aren't hostile, no toxicity in this community at all. I hope you're sticking around possibly developing some bots too. :D
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  7. I come from Villavu/SRL, a pretty respected scripting/botting community, at least from what I've heard. I learned Pascal/Lape over there, but eventually moved onto trying out a Packet Bot from I believe Ikov, an RSPS. Was my first time experimenting with Java as a scripting language, and the amount of multitasking you can do with Java.. is just amazing, and I've found a really hard time going back to Lape.

    I've been scripting with Simba, the IDE for Pascal/Lape, with ogLib (An OpenGL interception Library) and SRL-6, which is Villavus primary library they use which is completely written in Color.

    The past few weeks I've been searching for a Reflection Client for RS3, simply because of the amount of API that comes with it and the multithreading. It's just wonderful having an Inventory Listener or Painting in realtime while the script bot is running.
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  8. well ive been botting for a while on many accounts and i can say runemate is probably the best bot i ever used.

    not should we only mention that it has an awsome anti-detection shit.

    NEARLY evry bot on here is free wich is huge compared to other sites and the free bots are good not just something that some guy just did that will get u banned eventually.

    i have only got banned on runemate on one acc and that acc i was botting like 20 hours a day. and i hope runemate will stay this way.

    the bot authors on here(most of em) puts effort and time into FREE bots wich not many ppl would do.

    and the community on this bot site is amazing there is no annoying fkers that are toxic and shit.

    just wanted to say this xD
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