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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Timepiece, Dec 23, 2014.

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  1. Hi there, been trying to run a Divination script bot and it doesn't appear to be working, i've reported this to the script bot author and i've been told that it should be fixed within the next release as it's a client issue.. This still doesnt explain the fact that the client lags and then crashes right after i start a script bot.

    Anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix it?

    Thank you for reading this and i hope there is a solution!
  2. start the client with more RAM.
  3. I've assigned 2gb already! Still lags..
  4. Try the 64 bit version of Java, that fixed it for me :)
  5. I have a 32bit operating system, is there a way around it with the 64 bit?
  6. No. But did you allocate it in the java control panel? If yes, make a .bat file to start the jar with 2048MB.
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  7. How do i make a .bat file? Care to help me with this? :)
  8. Make a .bat file and paste this in it: java -jar -Xmx2048m RuneMate.jar

    if 2048 doesnt work try 1536.

    save it in the same dir as the runemate jar.

    So make a notepad file paste that in it and save it as run.bat

  9. When saving it - After typing in the file name "run.bat," under it should be a menu bar saying "Text Documents (*.txt)". Click it and change it to "All Files (*.*)" This is where a lot of people trip up.
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  10. For some reason it says java cannot access this file.. So frustrating haha thanks for your comment.

    EDIT: it actually says Error: Unable to access jarfile Runemate.jar
  11. It is case sensitive. The name of the executable is most likely RuneMate.jar, so fix that in the .bat file.
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