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  1. Inventory.getCount(boolean includeQuantities, String... names)
    Inventory.getCount(boolean includeQuantities, int... ids)
    Inventory.getCount(int... ids)
    Inventory.getCount(String... names)
    Magic api
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  2. ok, all your Inventory.getCount stuff can be replaced with Inventory.getItems(ids/names/filters).size()
    Area.getCenter... that's a possibility, if you can justify adding it.
    Game.getState() shouldn't be used directly, just use isLoggedIn.
    Game.getMapBase() is Region.getLoaded().getBase()
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  3. LoopingScript#setAutoLoop(boolean autoLoop);

    So people are possible to start looping when they want.
  4. What the fuck?
  5. 1:agreed, although he asks to include stacks (eg getCount(boolean includeStacks, 995) would return 1 if the inventory contains coins and includeStacks is false, or the amount of coins if includeStacks is true.
    2:for walking, although my own walking uses a random coordinate inside the area (see snippets)
    3:getState would be really useful for RS3, in the event the script bot needs to do a lot of stuff in the lobby.
  6. Loop gets started automatically after onCreate, right? If so, I'd like to have a method where you could disable it.

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