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  1. Suggestion: At midnight, order bots in the bot store by their total usage by all users during the last full day. This would freshen up the bot store and bring those that are really pulling their weight to the top.

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  2. I like this! Except maybe just add it as a filter instead, although I think users is a bad representation because never bots are left unnoticed so I think the default sort could be changed to this. :D
  3. Just meant change default sort.
  4. It should be the other way around??? Why give bots that are already used a lot even more attention?
  5. Because they work (for extended periods of time) rather than those posted early on in RuneMate's life. eg. eliminates advantage of the first-mover.
  6. Exactly :D and my bad @Party for misinterpreting
  7. Well then remove those bots from the store? Solving it this way is just making it harder than it is.

    IMO, it's fine like it's now.
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  8. Not the best =/= broken. The best bots should be at the top of the store, not the inferior ones with a higher usercount. It might be "fine" as it is currently, but the suggested implementation is better.
  9. Best bots is not always determined by usage hours though. I feel like you should qualify bots on a lot more aspects than that. Nonetheless, I don't think sorting based on usage hours benefits anyone. 'Freshening up the botstore is rather vague.
  10. You must be kidding.

    1. Freshening up the bot store means it is not constantly going to be MaxiWoodcutter at the top of the store. Other bots may rise up and it would actually make the bot store to somewhere to keep an eye on.
    2. Further to point 1, it would add a little friendly competition between Authors. Nothing inspires creativity and productivity like competition.
    3. It could prompt a FOTW type scenario where (based on in-game events etc) certain bots which normally sit further down would get more visibility at the top of the store.
    4. When a user looks at the store, they aren't looking for an in-depth, 13 page analysis on what makes a bot the best, they're looking for easy statistics. Add skill filter, add usage stat filter, "hey, this was the most used Woodcutting bot yesterday, it must be pretty good".
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  11. This last sentence makes a lot of sense. When I pick a bot, I usually filter on OSRS and the skill I need. Then I pick one of them. Sorting those by most used, and actually displaying numbers, would be nice.
  12. Support
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  13. Bump!
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  14. This is a great idea! :)

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  15. Love this idea, %100 Support.
  16. Rename the current 'Popularity' one to 'Followers' and then call the requested sort 'Popularity' @Arbiter
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  17. Just a suggestion. Maybe also add a display or something that will tell others hey this bot has been updated or this bot is new. And it would say try the new updated bot or try this new bot by.....

    The only time you know if the bot is updated is if you follow it.
  18. I think it displays the last time it was updated
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  19. @Arbiter How do you feel about making the default sort be a sort based on the amount of hours each bot was ran over the past seven days divided by the amount of users that ran each bot over the past seven days. That would make it so those that yielded the longest runtime and likely highest stability would be at the top of the store. Alternatively, just make everything be over the past *two* weeks to give a more recent view (while still providing the total amount of users in each bots square assuming there's room). Or a deviation of that scheme of course.
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