Resolved Spectre and RS3 Combat Cooldown?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by mattybrappa, May 1, 2016.

  1. I'm not sure if this is a confirmed issue, but the new client is definitely delayed and significantly slower in recognizing cooldowns being up, and performing actions.

    Is this something we can expect to be fixed soon?

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    Post #9 by Arbiter, May 1, 2016
  3. Talked to the developer, even they suggested that it's a problem with Spectre, just not sure if it's officially been acknowledged. It just seems delayed/slow compared to other fighter bots from other clients. Sucks, cause I prefer runemate scripts bots.
  4. Hmm, explain in more detail what you mean by delayed/slow. It might be the approach used by the author rather than a problem with spectre.
  5. Well in specific, I'm talking about the supporter script bot called "abyss melee farm". The author himself mentioned Spectre not being fast/efficient at reading cooldowns and applying skills immediately, or not as fast as the old client.
  6. I just checked the bot store, there's no bot called "abyss melee farm" xD

    I assume you mean Alpha Abyss Camper.
    Either way, I'll be implementing skill support into my fighter soon so I'll see for sure if the blame lies on Spectre or just the implementation.
  7. Awesome, appreciate you replying and looking in to this on your own end. Also, if your fighter could ever incorporate (save/reset position) every 10 mins or so, it'd pretty much nullify these camper bots as it'd just reset aggro timers. Thanks again! <3
  8. This is the quote where my statement is derived from.
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  9. All speed related issues can be mitigated by the Bot Author optimizing their code. We have a number of highly complicated bots that are doing just fine, because time was put in by the Bot Author to review their code for inefficiencies. We're at a point where 90% of the client code is as optimized as it can get. With the exception of a few things, the responsibility falls on the Bot Author now.
  10. Thanks for the direct response Arbiter.

    Good to know, I noticed some scripts bots were being much more efficient than others (regardless of Spectre being ultimately slightly slower) at least this confirms that this is on the authors to continue to update.

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