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  1. First off the program is very well done, looks cool feels cool, runs smooth. Great work to all the developers involved

    I just have one issue on my Mac, the bots/scripts bots run very slow and unresponsive. Ive tried every mining bot available and it takes like 8 seconds just to find and click on an ore, the dropping works excellent on every bot which is weird but the mining part is very slow, any common issues or reason for this?
  2. Better to chuck this in specific bot threads, some bots are better optimised than others and mining is a bit of a dead-zone at the moment!
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  3. I can personally attest to the miners on our store being shit. Hopefully the Bot Authors @Aidden and @Exia can show them some love soon.
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  4. I am working on a motherlode mine bot atm, not sure when it will be ready because there are plenty of bugs I would not have to fight with if the OSRS devs were not total dicks.
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  5. I'll have you know my powerminer is working perfectly well #grumpy
  6. Sorry, IRL is hectic right now. maybe this sunday will be quiet enough for me to check into things.

    But for now ExiaMiner is indeed a piece of shit :)
  7. haha ok, thought it was just my computer lmao, either way take ur time im just happy that its available on Mac

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