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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Baddest Man on Earth, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. the gui can't find npcs, anyway it looks promising.
  2. Ye its a bug, I'll fix it tomorrow morning.
  3. the menu wont load for some reason...
  4. It's a known issue, fxml is currently not working properly. I'm waiting on Cloud for a fix.
  5. oh okee i thought i was doing something wrong ty
  6. Rejuvenate is never activated, even if it is in slot 1 at 100% adrenaline with a shield equipped (clearly activateable for at least 10 seconds). Idle times in between different actions could be reduced, even when not counting my slow personal mouse speed.
    Otherwise, pretty good. Especially for the initial release.
  7. It's not suppose to use defensive abilities and I've never tried rejuvenate :p I might decrease the loop delay to speed up the script bot.
  8. Looting value doesn't work for coins, even though cash of pile is 1k and my looting value is set to 500. I have a suggestion add arrows looting.
  9. how do I make it eat ?
  10. got it now, thanks, it's perfect! way better than Ozzy's. Just a tip: Make the GUI easier to understand :D

    Edit: Also, make it not walk MM if there's a npc in the screen.
  11. I should post instructions, but which ever feature you want to use, click that tab and press "Add" at the bottom right of the GUI. Use the priority buttons to set the most important features, I recommend eating at the top.
  12. Do you have any idea how disrespectful and maddening this is? Technically I don't have any idea either, because I've never had anyone say that concerning me, but seriously. This is supposed to be a friendly community.
  13. I've been a script bot writer for a long time too dude, and by no means I'm trying to disapprove Ozzy, he made the 1st fighter for this bot. I don't see how saying a script bot is more advanced than other is disrespectful. Anyway the bot is not open source, meaning it builds competition by itself.
  14. Could you add script bot stopping when food is out? Mine just died.
  15. Hm what is worse, child porn or schutz staffel?
    (the schutz staffel was the guard of hitler)
  16. Benis
  17. [​IMG]
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