RS3 Staking experiment 15M to MAX CASH!

Discussion in 'Goals' started by Publisher, May 13, 2015.

  1. Of course I don't believe I could make Max Cash, unless I had the luck of satan.
    Just going to see how much we can win/lose.
    Just have a bit of fun with this thread, it will probably be over in a few mins.

    Started at 15M:
    Achieved double starting money.

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  2. nice m8, atleast u dont do pussy stakes ;) , staking 1/3rd of ur starting pile ;)
  3. Looking forward to seeing updates, keep it up ;)
  4. Still updating! Stay tuned all!
  5. This should be do-able, as I myself went from 2m to 2,4b within an hour and half. But the thing with staking is that either you go real big, or completely cleaned.
  6. That's insane, might have to try it out myself.
  7. You'll probably end up cleaned the first times you do it. However, keep going. You will end up with that feeling where you know what to stake and which stake you should do.
  8. Finished today at 100m. Ill carry on tomorrow guys!
  9. Just don't get greedy m8.

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