RS3 Steepness of bans?

Discussion in 'General' started by RS Bosser, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Does Jagex only hand out perm bans on RS3? I've heard they do 2-week bans and re-rolls for the first offence. Is this true? I've never been banned for botting so if I were to get caught, is it a straight perm ban?
  2. Perm bans 99% of the time.
  3. Interesting. There were people in my clan who got caught for botting a couple months ago and they got rerolls and a 2-week ban. They were botting pretty heavily too.
  4. Don't bot if you fear the ban. Bot safely and ignore all these statistics being thrown around.
    Just my 0.2c
  5. 2 day bans are manual, which are obviously infrequent. You'll most likely end up with permanent ban if you bot.

    PS: manual permanent bans if caught RWTing or botting.
  6. I am wondering, if you have an RS3 member acc, then you also have a member OSRS account on that same login.
    If you get banned for botting on you OSRS account, does it also count on your RS3 account? :p
  7. I'm pretty sure it does.
  8. Kristian, Yeah you get banned on all the acounts on your IP that you've been botting on also the OSRS acc + Rs3 acc.

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