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  1. Please suggest me the best strategy games (city building games at any time, age. Something where you have to make, build resources and stuff.

    Pc and if possible to have good graphics. Thank you all

    (You know what i mean)
  2. runescape
  3. No. No no no no this shit is not happnrkngp
  4. lol, jk obviously.
    i didnt play it yet, but what ive seen from streams SimCity looked very nice.
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  5. Cities:Skylines is a pretty good city sim, looks nice and plays well too :D
    If you're looking for a turn-based strategy game, X-Com Enemy Within is good, especially with the Long War mod.
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  6. The settlers rise of an empire
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  7. Anno 1404, its all about city building, resource management, population management, etc.

    The anno series are all pretty good, but 1404 is my favorite.
  8. Prison Architect, you build your own prison and make sure your inmates do not escape.
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  9. Hearthstone
  10. I really dont see why people like that game xd
  11. Hearthstone is good, doesn't take long to learn and its not p2w.
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    Hearthstone is good, doesn't take long to learn and its not p2w.
  12. I have to pay, saving for pc atm, no good torrent found...

    Trying this one acctually :D Found awesome torrent.
    Looks interesting. I Will give it a shot :D

    This one looks good too.

    Why do you like that game? I can't see any point in it...
    One before :p
  13. @Qosmiof2 Play it, get each class to level 10 then get back to me. It takes time to enjoy but its casual and isn't very addictive, plus you can beat people with a simple deck. I didn't pay a dime for this game and I get to rank 10, then had to buy naxxaramus pack because I genuinely liked the game and wanted to progress further, but its definitely possible to reach legendary rank without paying a cent, you just gotta give it a chance imo
  14. Europa Universallis 4

    cheap on G2A
  15. if you enjoy out-thinking an opponent it's a good game
  16. I tried the Settlers on steam which is for free. Got addicted. Fuck. But atleast i have copper and stones to build new stuff and fight!
  17. Total war Rome II ;)

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