RS3 Suicide Bot - Makin' a Main

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  1. Hello RuneMate Users;

    I have Decided to Start Botting again, I quit RS Due to my Account being Banned
    Around December Last Year, This ban was Due to a Weird Detection thing by Jagex, Alot of People Were
    Banned and RuneMate was Disabled for 48 Hours, I lost an Account with over 600M Experience And around Fourteen Level 99's Including Herblore, Prayer, Divination, Slayer.
    The Account has Been Mostly Botted with Runemate.

    So Far My New account has been Running for about 85 Hours, And I have been Cooking;
    Gyazo - 6d2d1ad925d13eee2265f7328365e8bc.png

    What Do I plan on doing after Cooking?

    Bought/Buying Items Required:
    Gyazo - 53bfb1cbb47660cdee3982fc55d2186f.png
    Also Bought Around 150,000 Raw Lobbies

    Level 99's Achieved;
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  2. nice! include some pictures though.
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  3. Oo using my bot I see :D

    Goodluck, followed thread.
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  4. Good luck homie!
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  5. I'll Include Pictures when I progress More, As Ive got mostly level 1's
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  6. don't get banned
  7. What bots are you using if i may ask?
  8. wat the account status? banned or still unbanned?

    Could you edit your first post often and update it as like

    Account status: not banned
  9. You could post the bots you're using doe
  10. MaxiHerblore,

    Currently at level 92 Smithing going for 99.
  11. how many hours a day do you bot for? I have a noob account with members ( i bought him 1 bond, rs3 of course) and I'm contemplating whether to work on him to do something like you're doing...but idk I don't want to raise more attention to my ip address for the number of accounts I'm playing on if they start looking into me.
  12. I don't care about rs3 or the account so im normally running for 20+ hrs/day
  13. What script bot did you use for combat?
  14. alpha fighter @ hellhounds with guthans
  15. have you been banned in the past using runemate?
  16. Bro it was the first thing he said in his post
  17. hahaha what a retard xD i would never bot on a main or an account that has value to you. You're better off staking or rwting yourself bills if money's what you want. Don't kid yourself bot's sooner or later are detected and you will end up sobbing once you get yours. I only bot when i sleep....6-8 hours a day on 2 accounts too.

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