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  1. So i see that we have a getInventorySize() for familiars, but i would like to request for a few more methods in addition to that to make it easier for what i am doing with familiars in my gilded altar bot

    - Summoning.Familiar.getInventory().getQuanity(final String item)
    - Summoning.Familiar.getInventory().getItem(final String item)

    These additions would be the most beneficial for me, if they are possible to be found/added to the API

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  2. not sure if i misunderstood your suggestion but is that not the same as BeastOfBurden#getItems(filter)? Use a Filter which checks for name and call QueryResults#size() to get the quantity
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  3. I actually did not see that in the API while i went through it,but that should work for me. I have expected to see that in the Summoning API. Thanks :)
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