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  1. Hey guys,

    My name is s0ulwax, I'm 21 years old and I live in England. I'm originally from Belgium but I moved to England about two and a half years ago. I speak English, Dutch (Flemish to be more specific) and I am currently learning Japanese and Mandarin Chinese and hoping to learn Korean once I reach fluidity in either language.

    I have been playing RuneScape since the age of 8 and I have played on and off ever since. No matter what I play, I always end up coming back to Runescape for a while and then quit again for a few months. I used to be very active in the botting scene from 2009 until early 2012. I used to run a powerleveling service on another well known botting community. I was also the leading dungeoneering powerleveler on that forum and me and my friend also offered loads of other services. We eventually quit around April of 2012 because we both got kind of bored and overloaded with real life shit and I had to clean my act up rather than wasting all the money I made on weed and some more questionable substances. I started playing again recently and got lazy again so I decided to turn to botting again but I got a manual ban today for 48 hours and I'll let you take three guesses why I got banned.

    I have had multiple types of accounts including 1 maxed main, one almost maxed main, a maxed strength pure, 2 maxed summoning tanks and multiple other random pures. Most of these accounts were sold or hacked so now I play on my oldest main with pretty shitty stats. Joining communities like these has sparked my interest again in learning programming because I want to be able to write my own scripts bots/bots and contribute to the community.

    I'll give you some more random information about myself in this last paragraph. I'm currently studying IT and business level 3 at college and next year I'm hoping to do an apprenticeship in ethical hacking & cyber security. My hobbies are playing video games (what a shocker!), learning new languages, growing and collecting extremely spicy chilli peppers, browsing the internet, reading and writing (I mostly write poems, scripts bots for games/films, rap lyrics, etc...), painting, eating but I'm not fat, getting high, hanging out with friends, collecting random things such as hats and Magic The Gathering cards, researching random shit which includes but is not limited to: How bots work, terrorist organisations such as IS, Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, etc, researching religions (mostly Islam, I have no idea why I like reading about it so much) and a whole load more but it's just too much to list. I also have two leopard geckos and I'm hoping to get a Jackson's chameleon in the near future. I'm also starting a YouTube channel during the Christmas holidays so I'll probably show you guys that shit too.

    There's loads more about me but it's all just too much to list. Please don't ever hesitate to ask me a question, I'll try to answer each and every question as good as I can, I hope I can grow in this community like I have done in other communities and I'm hoping that I'll leave this place in about 6 years with loads of programming experience, friends and knowledge under my belt!

    Peace out boys and girls, going out for a joint now!
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  2. Welcome stranger, I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

    If you're honest about developing bots, join the devchat for more insight in the API and help for coding related problems here: Join Developer Chat | RuneMate
  3. tl;dr:
    -from belgium, now in england, learns kawaii language
    -OG rs player
    -comes back from a break of rs
    -wants to learn scripting
    -IT student, literal, interested in a lot of things
    -future youtuber
    -open for questions

    tl;dr tl;dr:
    -seems awesome

    Welcome bro! :D
  4. Thanks for doing the work for me hahaha! Cheers for the kind words bud. This community is definitely starting to pull me in more and more. My friend and I are getting together in about 4 days and we're going to start a new RS-based business venture. Sucks that there's not a marketplace on this forum though.
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    Thanks a lot dude! I'll be joining after I finish smoking.
  5. There is a market section, although it has no sub sections.

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