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  1. Username:Khalid
    Location:Middle East,Australia
    Interests: Botting ofc :p and im currently studying python
    Particular skills: Python ,anything dealing with runescape
    RuneScape Botting History:i started playing runescape 2007 then started botting on rsbot 2009 around mid 2010 moved to epic bot for 3 months because of their slow updating and the limited scripts bots then moved to rsbuddy till it got closed down :/ then went to Robotz in disguize for 2 weeks didnt like it went back to rsbot(powerbot) and their losing their war with jagex and caused me several amount of bans
  2. Welcome Khalid! I came here from Powerbot for the same reason haha, then I realised that this client is 100x more stable than Powerbot could have ever dreamed of.
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  3. Thanks this client is going to be amazing hopefully but it has several bugs but were still in beta :D and powerbot really sucks
  4. Welcome bro, enjoy your stay
  5. Welcome Khalid! Point those bugs out for us and Cloud and I will zap them. Client Support is a good place for them.

    P.S. I see you already posted one. :p
  6. Welcome Khalid ;)
  7. thanks wizard :)
  8. Welcome to the forums, Khalid ;)

    Always nice to see us growing.
  9. Welcome to the ranks, Khal.
    Glad you're with us, feel free to hit me up for anything.
  10. Welcome to RuneMate! We're glad to have you!

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