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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by dainius9, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone could make a superglass make script bot? Just simply to take out 13 seaweed and 13 bucket of sand and use the spell. I loved the "Celestial Humidifier" simple script bot - working good, would be awesome to see something like this just with superglass make spell! thanks
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  2. I'm currently working on a bot that does the bank magic spells such as Plank Make, Superglass Make and so forth.

    Once it's ready for alpha testing I'll post something about it so keep your hopes up ;)
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  3. Bump, this script bot would be useful for training craft + magic and I assume it'd be on the easier side for most of the script bot writers here.
  4. :D @Pruxis do you still got this or need help? I got too many bots on my plate but I am down for helping!
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  5. He was last seen over 4 weeks ago, so I doubt it :(
  6. :p I am sorry but i doubt i can do this with all the ones i have said i would make... (Runespan, Firemaking, Questing, Orb charging, hunting, combat...)
  7. Haha no worries, hopefully someone can since like I said it sounds like an easier one compared to most (yours for example).
  8. I have a private one already written that I'm selling access to if you're interested and don't wanna wait for someone else to write it :p
  9. Howmuch?
  10. Edit: I'm just going to release this as an all around lunar magics bot with superglass, string jewelry, plank making and humidify. Tan leather as well if I can get fremmy hard done, but no promises.
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  11. Pm me if you need teamviewer account access for the make leather spell. I haz it
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  12. @utorrent Just released a beta one on the bot store. Haven't done anything with it in a week or so, and can't test it right now - so when it pops up, if you could test it out it would help me fix and improve the full one that'll be on the Lunar bot. Just if anythings slow, huge missclicks, etc. Thanks :p

    edit: will only support smoke staff until the next update pushes.
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