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    It doesnt feel right that my supporter rank disappears when I discontinue payment, I mean I have no problem not accessing the supporter bots if I am not paying for that service, rightfully so. I would like people to know I have been a supporter in the past.

    Also I am not very fund of the colour pink on our names, could we have this changed???
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  2. You pay monthly, when it's gone, it's gone...
  3. yeah thats it though, once it's gone you loose your supporter scripts bots rightfully so, but be nice if the supporter rank was still there even if the name wasn't still in purple.

    so people will know hes been a supporter before.
  4. No.
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  5. @Arbiter

    Would you consider different types of ranks for people that help others just an idea?

    to clarify I have absolutely no issue with the payments, this was just a site suggestion and I am happy with the service I get.
  6. We are satisfied with our current offerings. While I can't speak for what happens in the future now, I don't see a positive change we can make that won't just over-complicate the system. We are the only botting service to provide flexible payment options to cater exactly to your needs. I don't see anything that needs to improve.

  7. ", I don't see a positive change we can make that won't just over-complicate the system."

    No problem :) I hope my suggestion does help some what in the future if needed
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