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  1. Not sure how it would work, but maybe a bot that would allow you to put in like 6 or so different phrases (of the players choice) all of which can be set to randomized, and they would have a timer that you could set to have the bot type and enter the words or phrases you have set?
  2. Could you give a good use for this? :p
    I dont understand why you would use it
  3. not reacting to someone is less botlike than having 6 standard phrases imo. XD
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  4. LOL yeah i think it was a better idea in my head...
  5. A: Hey man, Sup
    Bot: My Fletching level is 98.

    A: Wow thats awesome. Wanna go duel?
    Bot: I really like apples.

    A: Yeah me too.
    Bot: You are retarded.

    A: Fuck you
    Bot: I really enjoy Runescape. Especially OSRS.
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  6. I saw lots of bots like this in other games. It is wery annoying, obvious and stupid.
  7. I believe there was a system once that used SmarterChild or another similar "AI" to respond to messages. Don't think it went down too well, in the end.
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  9. If chatmsg == "lvls" || "lvl" || "level" {
    println "(output skill with largest xp gained during script bot runtime)";
    else if chatmsg == "hello" {
    if randomNum <= 50 {
    println "hi";
    else {
    println "hello";
    something along these lines

    Ive no idea how runemate works though, i know a bit of java though, developers should find this easier to read than some vague text.

    Small amount of responses with logical patern would really help, and jagex doesnt know if youre an anti social goth who cuts himself and doesnt want to speak in chat.
  10. Very well written code. I will use that. Now my accounts will never get banned!
  11. and why do you have to be a deuche, i just gave a small example that you dont have to fucking write a complicated database like everyone here assumes just some simple replies.
  12. Well code is right. I stated that without being sarcastic. But if you would use that "simple, small database" that will get you banned. You simply can not create so simple database with words and say its sufficient. Above i stated a perfect example how these would work.
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    • Did not mean to be offensive anyhow.
    Sorry if it came out that way.
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  13. Alright, of course it wont make it ban proof, but it would lower the odds of being reported by a slight amount. Progress is progress, and it would be significantly better than the osrs bots spouting random text fillers lmao that shit is hilarious xD.

    And its ok, i'm sorry if i sounded harsh as well.
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  14. I agree with the second part. But first one not so much. It could do the exact opposite and increase chances of getting banned. Once a kiddo sees you replied twice with the same, he will repeat the phrase 100 times just to see the bot reply same stuff all over again and that kid would submit a report. I don't know why people don't like botters tho. What are they doing to them? In fact, bots are keeping GE UP!
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  15. Answering one question usually leads to more questions meaning the bot has to account for more cases to keep up that facade.

    *bot answers*
    >str lvl?
    *bot answers*
    >how much xp/hr you getting?
    >how long you been here?
    >you on task? what you training for?
    >is d scim better than ss?
    and so on..

    In the end it doesn't change much if you can't account for a whole convo w/ an array of responses.
  16. Could have the autotalker look for 'is', 'how', 'why' etc and if they are the first word in a sentence you can have the bot reply with 'Idk', 'Dunno', 'Google it', and so on and so on :p

    The bot may come off as an ass but it's better than getting reported heh. Would probably also be smart to not have the bot always respond. Or maybe even recognize if the same person asks a question twice, ignore him.
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  17. Whats your real name?
    Google it
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