Resolved Temp Bannned (Usage Details Provided)

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by S Cript, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Heyo all,

    Got a temp ban (48hr) on my main I started botting on end of last week(?). Put in about 2-3 hours a day of botting, various things.

    Tried Alpha Fisher and Maxi Fisher, neither worked (barb village) and quit trying after about 15 minutes each. Trouble clicking fishing spots.
    Worked with Alpha Fighter and had good success until it randomly wanted to path somewhere else. Posted about it on the script bot page, I was unable to discern the issue. Used this for probably 8? hours of botting total. Lots of time babysitting and getting it back on track. Fun to use, but terrible when it came to both alching and notepapering at muspah. Still, it was free so no hate there.
    Tried 2 portables scripts bots, Tenportables and Paulsniper19, neither were able to use a sawmill and TenPortables was also unable to use a range. About 10-15 min of attempting and setting changes each.
    Maxi Fletcher. Used for 3? 4? Hours yesterday. Worked excellently. Huge thanks there!

    All said and done, be care when using these scripts bots folks and be smart about it. I think my biggest mistake was not quitting 'dead' scripts bots faster. My mistake, and might try botting fletching or something after the ban lifts.

    S. Cript

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    Post #11 by Insomniac, Feb 25, 2016
  3. Temp is always better than permanent;)
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  5. I got a temp ban on my account as well recently.
  6. Did you use any of the bots listed?
  7. It's not the scripts bots, belive me. Jagex is on heavy watch on botting at the moment..
  8. Several of the bots I tried were not 100% working, I talk about that in the post. I am curious if that's what tripped me up. If myself and Jerry used the same non-working bots, even for a relatively short amount of time, that informs me on what to be even more careful of.
  9. Before complaining "not working" you should check when the last update to the script bot was. Also I can quarantee every premium script bot around here does work.
  10. By making users aware the bots did not work for me, I am benefiting Runemate (possibly lowering ban rates) and also encouraging working bots across the board. When it was updated is irrelevant to the end user.

    I expect prem bots to work, and as the big warning going around is "Now wait until Spectre" I will be trying one out then.
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  11. Why do people even bot on their mains?
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  12. Ain't nobody got time for legit skilling.
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  13. Are you for real? In order to script bot work properly it needs to be updated to match the current game version.. Ffs.
  14. Well....NOW I have time. ;-) Gotta fletch all those logs...

    Obviously false. Check "MaxiFletcher". Last noted release Nov 23rd, bot works fine. MaxiFletcher - Updates | Community | RuneMate

    Note that the top 7 bots on RS3 for popularity have not had an official update log in months except Exia Miner. Now you're telling me that all of these bots are broken? That seems very unlikely. Pretty terrible job you're doing now.

    Maxiwoodcutter Oct 2015
    Massfighter Oct 2015
    Maxifisher Sept 30 2015
    MaxiMiner Jan 28th 2015
    MaxiFletcher Nov 23 2015
    Exia Miner AIO Jan 24th 2016
    Thunder Fighter Apr 8 2015
    Alpha Agility Oct 26th 2015

    This seems pretty hard for you. Are you trying to shill? Why are you so hung up?
  15. So now you are basicly telling me that a fletching bot is dependant on dragon bones item ID change? Lmao.
  16. Item IDs never change. Though it is highly discouraged to rely on IDs, because for example interface/texture IDs tend to change more often. We use mostly names to identify game entities (as humans do), which grants the advantage of a long lifetime and low maintainance.
  17. Well, I got banned using Exia miner. I was using that coal method to get up to 70. Some dude kept standing around me, might've reported me. Came back from a shower, saw that I was still mining, but right there and then, I disconnected.
  18. I got a temp, someone did see me wc before hand and probably reported, just missed them.. Not sure if this "detection method" is just a manual report or if they actually have a system in place. Gotten plenty of 99s before without a ban. First one ever with runemate.
  19. Must be manual, I've read that they just compile a list of reported users and then they do something with those users, be it monitoring or simply pulling them trough their so called " highly advanced botting detection " system.
  20. The only real loss for me is that the GE is locked during and before dxp soze those gains are harder than anticipated. Ah well.

    Glad to see others who had issues only had temps not perms.

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