TenAgility 1.4.1

Trains Agility so you don't have to. Everywhere.

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    TenAgility - Trains Agility so you don't have to. Everywhere.

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  3. cumshot :)
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    Sometimes it got stuck over the "velocity" meter thingy :) i moved it and now its better :)
    Running strong at 60k xp/h
  4. Yes that's something I cannot fix for the moment, I'll try to think of something ;)
  5. You can move that bar around, just unlock your interface (if using RS3 interface).
  6. Yeh did that :)

    Gets stuck often mate :s especially at the part where it needs to click that light creature thing ;s keeps standing there for 5min sometimes :( for the rest its good :D
  7. Great! gonna use after i hit 99 hunter.
  8. The light creature is a bit annoying since the model is on the ground and not on a height. Therefore the bot will always try to interact with the ground instead of with the object; I've tried to bypass that using camera movements but it seems I need to come up with something else :/ Tomorrow I'll try something ;)
  9. Works pretty good getting about 100k xp/h but could you change seconds till level up to hours and minutes
  10. That was already planned for tomorrow yes ;)
  11. Bot gets stuck when you have to claim a reward from the light thingy, it just keeps clicking the walkway.
  12. Its a problem known at the heffin course :p
  13. Can you describe the situation? Yesterday it ran for 2 hrs flawlessly over here..
  14. I woke up, noticed it didn't run all night, re ran it, it just tried to click the walkway. Then noticed it said I had a reward waiting from light creature. Also. When it's done the roof, it will sometimes click it again, instead of sliding down. Last thing, the camera movement anti ban, it moves it exactly 360 degrees in the same spot every time, which looks very bot like
  15. The roof and camera antiban will be fixed.
    And how do you mean light creature reward; that goes automatically to the inventory I thought..
  16. It does, until you have a full inventory.

    Have fun overriding the majority of the models xD
  17. I think you need to click that creature before getting that stupid mint cake xd
  18. If the inventory is full the script bot banks.. don't quite understand this :p anyways I'll let it bank when it's nearly full
  19. Why not drop or eat? those mint cakes are worthless :p
  20. I use them for warbands, as they restore my run energy to 100% :p

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