Thanks Alpha Waterfiends

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by plateddesigns, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Thanks so much alpha waterfiends ;)

  2. Congrats man
  3. Ayyee, good job m8.
  4. Now get 200m xp
  5. GG, awesome man
  6. funny joke
  7. Not joking
  8. Gratz on your 99 Ranged bro !!
    Any tips when doing waterfiends ?
    Armour, potions, etc.. ?
  9. Gratz dude, glad I could help :3
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  10. Congratulations!

    Well done. :)
  11. nah I just used full arma and full inventory of monks :) got me about 260k xp/hr with arma crossbows

  12. How much charms did you get?

    I'm wondering if I should do it to 99, for charms to 99.
  13. How the hell are you getting 260k xp/hour :p ?
    I'm also using Full Armadyl + Armadyl Crossbows, and even ranging potions.
    Can you tell me the exact setup please mate <3 ?
  14. i only picked up charms for about the last 3m xp and i got 3k crimsons :p
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    well maybe 260k/hr was a bit of a stretch, it was closer to 235/230k xp /hr :p and i didnt use ranging pots
  15. Can you give me some more info about your set-up ?
    In example: EOC/Legacy, Abilities, etc ?
    I'm only getting 170k xp/hour, and I'm doing the same as you lol
  16. royal bolts, with your favorite abilities in the hot bar and revolution.
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