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  1. What is The All In One?
    The All In One project is a bot that will support training several different skills, and seamlessly train at multiple different locations.

    Why include everything in one gigantic bot?
    I ask you this, do you train one skill non stop until you reach a certain goal, or do switch tasks every now and then and take breaks in between? The All In One will allow you to schedule multiple different training methods with custom breaks for a more human like routine.

    What skills and activities will The All In One support?
    The All In One will support as many different training methods as possible, it will only support basic activities at first such as Firemaking, Smithing, Crafting and other bank activities, but will later support more advanced features such as farm runs, fighting monsters and a few mini games.

    How much will it cost?
    While the bot is still in beta, it will be free to use. However once it has been clear of any major bugs and issues, it may become a premium or supporter-only bot.

    When can I expect a release?

    New Year 2016.
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  2. Glad to see you back in business. :)
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  3. Gui designing makes me want to go back out :p

  4. The feels.
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  5. Fuck it. I'm just going to make it match the Runemate theme.
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  6. Farming in beetween tasks would be crazy :D
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  7. Good luck! Supporting you
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  8. This is a pretty cool idea.
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  9. Good luck, hope to see this up and running :)
  10. The next big thing.
  11. Have my support, would love to see this project flourish!
  12. I'm going to say this right now, I won't release the bot unless it's performance and features satisfy me. Once I release several independent bots that are confirmed to be working flawlessly, I will add them to The All In One and then release it.
  13. Coming fall of 2025
  14. 3025* It will be released by Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen the 84th
  15. Haffaz Aladeen, good one.
    "Are you having a boy or an abortion?"
  16. We spent all our time wondering if we could, but never stopped to wonder if we should.

    lol jk this sounds awesome
  17. Praying for DarkScape support. This is also the kind of bot that could give Jagex Bot detection a run for it's money. Much less likely to be a clear cut bot if you can set allotted timing to switch between doing tasks.

    Woodcut - Normal Logs & Bank -> 18 Minutes
    Firemaking - Burn Normal Logs -> (Till Logs are Gone)
    Run to Shrimp in Al Kharid -> Net Fish & Bank -> 27 Minutes
    Cook -> Cook Shirmp / Anchovies -> Till Logs are Gone
    Run to Lumbridge Swamp -> Mine Equal Parts Tin / Copper & Bank -> 32 Minutes
    Run to Al Kharid Bank -> Smelt Bars -> Run to Varrock -> Smith Bars into highest available option

    I think the biggest issue would be figuring out how to get the bot to get from one location to the next to change tasks without getting lost / stuck and making sure it had X tool to do X task. (I.E WC Axe / Mining Pick)
  18. Development has finally begun.
  19. Well, on RS3, All of your tools are in the toolbelt, so that wouldn't be an issue. Obviously on DS it would, but I have a slight feeling this is mainly for RS3>DS
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    +++ Support, look forward to reading progress updates :)
  20. Probably won't support darkscape (like 95% sure).

    The tough part was coming up with a framework, gui and way to store settings and such.

    That's done now I just need to code all the tasks in.
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