OSRS The bot works atleast

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Hejhej, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Before this runtime I had it going for 23hours, just restarted it.
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  2. Very impressive man!
  3. >the bot works at least

    What's wrong with the rest of the bot??
  4. Oh nothing. Grammar bad by myself I guess. Missunderstanding :)
  5. Ah, okay.

    Nice progress nonetheless. :)
  6. nice proggy :)
  7. Impressive progress report buddy! Keep it up. From what I can tell, these types of progress reports are few and far between nowadays.
  8. Awesome :D
  9. nice. i've been pretty successful botting osrs, on rs3 however I get banned constantly. Just got banned after 4 hours of botting yesterday, on my 10 year old account with 2005 holiday jester items.. :(
  10. Awesome! Is this account still alive? Just wondering :D

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