OSRS The Road To Millions!

Discussion in 'Goals' started by Mod Mark, May 30, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow users!

    I will be starting up an fresh, new account that has nothing but what you get at the beginning, and showing progress on making millions. Once I reach my goal of 200m gold (who knows how long that will take), I will release my methods and share to you fine people my way! This will be strictly through old school. I will be paying with membership through bonds.

    Weekly updates will be provided!

    Wish Me Luck!
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  2. Good luck, I hope you manage to do it!
  3. Good luck! will follow this thread ;)
  4. Thank you!
    Thanks man!
  5. Looking forward to the progress, even though I don't play OSRS.
  6. Good luck!

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