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  1. Hey everyone, I've been part of this community for a while but I tend to not post very much so I decided it would be fun to make a new account and share the progress with everyone as I do so! I will not be botting on this account and anyone from here is welcome to add me in game if you would like to chat! I'm always open to suggestions and I hope that this will be something that you will enjoy:) I will be updating this as I see fit.

    Started on 7/3/2015
    Starting with 5m cash
    Probably will only play legacy, I am not familiar with EOC
    Username Rune_Mate
    Played about 2 hours, Completed the blood pact then trained at warped cockroaches and did a bit of runespan and a firemaking challenge. Also started trying to learn eoc combat system as I've heard its more efficient.[​IMG]
    I compelted waterfall quest and trained my stats up a bit more at warped cockroaches which was very quick, also using mage as my main combat style at the moment. [​IMG]
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  2. naming it Rune_Mate makes this project fail xd
  3. And why's that?
  4. Dont understand why you would post this as a "none bot account" on a botting forum? But ok lol Il go along with it
  5. I think it's usually interesting to see an account's progress whether it's botting or not. Although it is more interesting to see a bot's progress.

    Anyways good luck.
  6. Giving you account the name of a botclient... :p
  7. He will not be botting. At least that's what's in the OP.
  8. still they will watch the account closely, and more players will report him, so if he/she will actually ever run a bot... then BOOM
  9. Nope, is not. I was wasted when this thread was made.

    OT: Good luck with your account, I hope you get far :) Any first goals?
  10. Only goals I really have is to try to actually experience the game and explore all or most of the content it has because I've never really done much in RS. I've botted ever since I first heard of them, Back in the golden days of rsbuddy(i hope its okay saying the name since it doesnt exist now) but I want to try to get more into higher level content but without botting to experience it all. I have never done a lot of quests or anything great, Back when there was dicing and flowering I had a stupid ammount of money, I had 4 max cash stacks, 750m shards, a rare set, spirit shield set, torva and pernix and thats all I would do every day, just gamble. I want to go bossing, do some quests and just explore the game.(sorry for the ramble kinda out of it rn so I kept forgetting what I was saying)
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  11. Pretty sure that nobody minds even if you say the name of a botting website that still exists :p
    There's so much to do in RS3 now, so many quests and stuff haha
  12. Everyone says that they'll go 110% legit, no botting whatsoever... but we all know it's a lie. A botter by blood cannot possibly go legit: mark my words!
  13. I just said I'm not going to bot this account ;) I have others
  14. did your account with all of that stuff get banned?
  15. Lmao nice man wish you the best of luck, :)
  16. No the account isn't banned but I don't remember the password to it, Most of the wealth on it I gave to real life friends who played rs at the time, most of them had never even had 10m and to instantly become rich made them love the game.
  17. I see. If you could possibly recover the account, that wealth would give a great start to this account.
  18. see thats the problem, I have no way to recover it because the email address linked to is was our old service provider extention. Since we no longer have their service the email account has been terminated and is unrecoverable so unless I can get the password I have to way to recover it.
  19. Thats actually an option on the Account Recovery thing, all you have to do is provide details on the account that show you did indeed create that account and they will delete the email on it and add a new one for you.

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