The transfer of botted good (question)

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  1. As title says. ..

    So you're woodcutting yews or fishing sharks, what do you do with those items ? Keep em for resources for a main Acc or sell for Gp for a Main acc?

    Either way my point/question is . How do you transfer the botted items to your (Mains) ?

    I been drop trading directly from bot to main, is this safe? Should i keep em on a mule lvl 3? Is my main at risk. Please respond. Been kinda worries bout this lately
  2. Just trade em over.

    Taking precautions only when I'm dealing with huge volumes of cash.
  3. Yep just trade, they wont give a shit unless you transfered hundreds of millions.
  4. okay, sounds good ill prob keep drop trading for now not an issue, just more curious if i get detected botting can the goods be traced to my main? i drop trade no more then like 1.5k logs at a time
  5. Was wondering this too
  6. I used to do this alot on RS3, never had any problems.
    Like they said just trade em and you will be fine :D
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  7. It's not the goods you should be concerned with - if you get banned for botting, you need to clear you RS cache as you could be cache-flagged and banned on your main.
  8. I was drop trading and the item literally just disappeared and I couldn't pick it up. Most of the time I will just trade it over.
  9. Just trade it, I don't gold farm mainly just skill on a few accounts but I've never turned down the opportunity to make a profit while making good exp. I have a friend who I've lent over 250m in a period of a month and I've never had any problems.

    You could try and use an established account with mid tier stats as a mule and then transfer it but its not really beneficiary as its not that hard to connect the dots if they wanted to.

    I guess I'll let you in on this little secret of mine. When transferring large amounts of money use GE. Find a uncommon item that really has no use and buy a lot of them. It's not that hard to find a item that just really doesn't have a lot of sellers/buyers. Buy everyone out and sell the items in GE for stupid high price (not saying 100m GP hammers) but you get the idea. Might take a account or two depending on the item but once you cant buy any more (and haven't reached your trade limit) just have the bots buy the items at said amount.

    This is would be useful for the most paranoid of users.
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  10. Sounds reliable and smart but to much effort

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