Resolved This bot freeze is getting really annoying :(

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  1. I don't wanna complain and i don't bot that much (yet).
    But even with 1 client running the bot freezes after 10min-1hour.
    Is there anything i can do to prevent this??
    PC stats;
  2. Nice machine there. Which bot are you using? Try making a clean fresh install of java, RuneScape files, etc..
  3. Private bot, but it doesn't matter it happens with every single script bot.
    I'll try to re-install everything that might just work.
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    UPDATE: Didn't work, deleted all jagex files, java, runemate,...
    Still keeps freezing after 30 minutes now
  4. Have you installed java 64bit? If so are you allocating more ram for the client?
  5. I have java 64bit yes.
    I have a program that checks my RAM usage and with 2 bots i just get near to half of my ram being used.
    Last thing i'll try to fix it is to bot with a internet cabe instead of wifi.
    EDIT: I hope the bot gets some kind of update, i've never had this before and have no idea what causes there freezes.
    Tried multiple types of bots and still...
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  6. Open up cmd and type "java -version" and give us the output please.
  7. [​IMG]
    Thanks for looking into it because i'm pretty much unable to bot anything.
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    It was just a mistake with the bot, one bot froze and for some reason the rest just followed because of that one client.

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