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  1. I would like to see what you all think about this build. Also how many bots do you think this build can run (min settings). I will list the full build below in-case you are interested.

    -Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
    -XFX Radeon R9 280X 3GB Black Edition Double Dissipation Video Card
    -Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory

    This isnt meant to be a main botting rig i would like to do some steaming gaming as well. Great chance I will upgrade to 16gb of ram in the future (please ignore lack of OS).

    Anyways thank you for your thoughts!

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  2. 2-4 perhaps.
  3. Thank you, I was wanting to get a Skylake i7 6700k, but the added cost between that and a liquid cooler, and newly released motherboard was no bueno.

    Originally wanted
    -i7 6700k
    -Gtx 970 twin frozr
    -16gb of ram

    Could not justify nearly twice the cost.
  4. Your greatest benefit would be a upgrade from i5 -> i7... But yes, will cost ya a bit more. I'm running an i5 'cost-effective' rig from 2 years ago and I'm starting to wish I went with a better CPU.
  5. This ^ While I can run 4 bots consistently, and I'm sure I could actually max out at maybe 6-8, if I would have gotten the i7, so much more :p
  6. Honestly there's not too much wrong with your build, I personally would ask exactly what day-to-day activity isn't performing optimally.
    Then it's possible to determine exactly what upgrade would be a tangible benefit to you.

    Only nitpick is that you are booting from a HDD as opposed to an SSD.
    Also whereabouts did you get that build? A lot of those hardware choices are ones I would have picked if I were asked.
  7. I agree, seems like a solid build, but I'd still try to get an SSD in there just because the difference in performance is worth it.

    This build is pretty similar to my current build, I haven't had any issues with it, even when running multiple bots and playing games at the same time :p
  8. Isn't there the problem of H81 motherboards requiring a bios update before gaining the ability to run Haswell Refresh CPUs?

    edit: never mind. It's on the compatability page and I just read that most H81 motherboards support Haswell Refresh out-of-the-box now.
  9. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a problem, as long as the motherboard manufacturer supports it there shouldn't be an issue.
    I just checked his motherboard BIOS revisions and there is support for Haswell Refresh chips.

    I had to update my motherboard (ASUS Z87 Pro) to support my i7 4790k and despite being available via ASUS, it was a colossal pain in the ass because there wasn't an Intel Management Engine designed for my motherboard. It's mandatory to have Intel Management Engine for it to actually update your BIOS and apply the Haswell Refresh update.

    I suspect that I only suffered this issue by chance, as I had updated my mother's BIOS a few days ago and there were no issues.
  10. I would suggest against this build. One you are already paying for a base cost. I never understand people that decide to save 200-300 when they are already are paying 600-900. Though if it is absolutely necessary and you NEED it now. You CPU has a low value/price ratio, same with GPU. Aim for 960 or more recommended 970. I would stay Intel even though AMD has better value ratio. Why? Well current games like Arma 2/3 and even Wildstar run poorly on AMD's current architecture they lack single core performance. The CPU is bottle necking when you spent money on 970, 980 GPU(s) nothing is more frustrating than this. Not only do you need a new Motherboard to fix the problem but a CPU also. I would side with Intel since I dealt with this problem myself. Now as for Intels I would only recommend 4k series since 5k and 6k run with DDR4 R.A.M which is very pointless for what you are doing along with a certain motherboard.
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  11. I feel the majority of your paragraph lacks context, for example what CPU bottlenecks 970/980?
    And to be quite honest your logic is rather flawed when it comes to budgets, chances are he isn't saving "200-300" because he wants to, instead it's to make it more affordable. Just because someone is spending 600-900 it doesn't make that extra 200 to 300 any more affordable.

    Also AMD is still a viable purchase if he weren't botting, while their IPC is a fair bit less than Intel's, it doesn't render them a bad choice for budget gaming.
  12. Fixed thought faster than I was typing. Thanks for pointing it out.
    Yes well if he is saving for a reason then look at the better cost/value parts. There are better that is the point. If you are being frugal I can't see the point. This is what I meant by NEED it now. AMD is good for various things but he did say playing steam games... This is where I provided examples of games that gave me problems. I'd rather not depend on a games multicore performance. This is the reason why I dropped my 8350.
  13. That is what I mean, few games that I have played (or my brother for that matter) have been limited by an AMD CPU, instead the GPU is typically the limiting factor.
    In fact the only game(s) I've had issues with when using AMD or Intel were simply due to very poor game engines, strangely enough AMD actually performed better in this case.
    For the most part as long as you are not running a multitude of moderately intensive tasks alongside your game, AMD is still a great choice for gaming. I've argued this point for both sides more times than I care to mention.

    Cost to performance ratios aren't all that important when you consider one of the most cost efficient components (970) costs $300 at best, not to mention the chances are he doesn't want to spend that much and it isn't a matter of putting aside money over time.

    An example I always use would be Dolphin which is a Wii emulator, if he would be planning on emulating Wii then AMD isn't a good choice, however since he didn't state that AMD is still a possibility. I can unfortunately speak from experience as my old Phenom II X6 1100T (better IPC than current Bulldozer and Piledriver chips) struggled horrifically on just about every Wii game.

    Out of curiosity I looked into the game Wildstar that you mentioned, that's just a classic example of poor game development, which to some degree is a rarity due to the fact that a lot of people use AMD and that would destroy a companies user-base.
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  15. I've seen alot of build giudes and i kinda get the idea of the builds. I've changed a few parts here and there im now going with a h97 board but im wondering if i should just go with a 97z to leave me room to upgrade the CPU down the road. I'm not sure if i want the R9 280x xfx DD Black edition tho for roughly 100 more I could get a Sapphire Nitro x R9 390 but i would need to upgrade my power supply..

    Seems like any time i wanna get a slightly better item i need to upgrade two items. The builds my own, Mainly just good performance to cost items that are reviewed good.

    Ultimately it came down to as cheap and as good as i could get my current list is roughly $1,000 and thats only slightly less then a i7 6700k build would cost me. The main purpose of this build would be for pc gaming with botting as a added benifit, I know SSD's are good and I've not ruled it off the table but boot time doesn't bother me and i wouldn't be running a raid setup.

    I wanna keep the base system cheap so i can buy it all at once then it will take me a month or so before i can get a GPU.

    I went with Intel because I hit a pricing wall on my current build and a better PSU would cost a good bit more. With Intel that gives me the possibility to upgrade it a i7 or a i7k if i get a overclock motherboard. I like AMD but i don't want to replace half the system to upgrade as the AM3+ socket has been abandoned. A lot of my tasks don't really require multiple cores or cant use them so i also went with Intel since the i5 has better single core performance. As far as i know there isn't a GPU out there that the i5 4460 would bottleneck short of Titan X.
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    Seen a EVGA GeForce GTX 970 SSC GAMING ACX 2.0 i liked. Price looks good but is the warranty any good? Never heard of this and i wouldn't be against it just the thought of a half dead Bitcon mining GPU and the trouble of rma'ing it. Also i dont know if my power supply could run it lol. I dont even know the connections it has. Heavily relying on PC parts picker compatibility.
  16. I don't think you'll need another PSU if you were to run an R9 390, if you were running something akin to an FX-8350 then it would be a bit dicey.
    Yeah I wouldn't really recommend RAID for the average user anyway, unless they were looking for redundant storage for backups, as opposed to RAID 0 which is a performance increase at a doubled risk of losing data.

    And yeah I heard rumors that AMD is using AM4 for their new Zen chips.
    In a realistic situation I can't see an i5 4460 bottlenecking any card, as the only way for that to occur is if the CPU is stressed so much that there is no compute performance left to instruct the GPU.

    I've only ever heard good things about EVGA's warranty, my brother's (really rather old card) died and was replaced with a generation newer card. They also let you take the cooler off without voiding the warranty, assuming you don't damage the card in the process that is. Most manufacturers will void your warranty if there's any evidence that you took the cooler off.
  17. If I remember reading right I think it was a full year with EVGA. So pretty common.
  18. XFX is like that as well except they offer a lifetime warranty and even extend the warranty to the next owner of you choose to accept it. The Seasonic is missing a 8 pin connector to use it with the R9 390 which is no big deal. I've been thinking about it and I'm pretty pleased with the current setup which is pretty much identical to what's listed just a slight upgrade or a better item went on rebate.
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    Choose to sell it*

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