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What minigame script should i make?

  1. Pest Control

  2. Soul Wars

  3. Castle wars

  4. Barbarian assault

  5. Fight cave

  6. Something else? Post below

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  1. Thunderr's RuneMate Projects

    UPDATED 25.3.2015

    Here i will list all my projects regarding RuneMate. Released, planned, in-progress and in testing phase.
    You can check this thread for bot status for my bots, if they are down/broken. So i will be updating this thread often. If you want anything you see here, hit me up with a pm.
    Feel free to steal any ideas, but you'd credit me if you're nice. Your choice.

    I mainly like to do custom API's and private bots, so i don't have lots of public bots :/

    About all my bots:
    All the bots i make will have advanced anti-pattern algorithms to ensure user safety. The bots i make won't be coded quickly as i prefer quality over quantity. The bot will be released as soon as i am brave enough to use it 6hrs+ a day (I'm really, really, really super paranoid and i will only use bots i have made with minimal ban rate).

    ThunderApi (DEV) [​IMG]
    My Custom API, currently personal. I might release this someday or give private access to some people.

    • CleverBot API. Easily implement CleverBot responding to any bot. Got the idea from @Furor
    • SimplePaint. Add a super-fast paint with automatic scaling to any bot.
    • AntiBan. My custom antiban you can easily implement to add undetectability.
    • AntiPattern. This will take over AntiBan. This will add my custom Anti-Pattern technologies to increase undetectability.
    • Laziness. My bots can get LAZY! Have you ever played runescape for 6 hours with being completely focused to the game? Neither have my bots!
    • Many more small features like math and debug functions.
    • Advanced paint API with Tab support
    In Progress:
    • Advanced Paint API: Background image support
    • Advanced task system. Add tasks to any bot(More on this later)
    • Adding dynamic sig part to ThunderApi
    • EzPotion support
    • EzPrayer support


    ThunderSmither (DEV) [​IMG]
    My first-to-release public bot on RM. Using the same paints and dynamic sig from the one i made for other bot client.

    EDIT: I am delaying the release of this.

    Current features:
    • Basic framework and javaFX menu.
    • Dynamic Signature
    • Complete functionality
    • Task System. Add jobs as tasks like: Smith 100 rune platebodies. You can add as many tasks as you'd like.

    ThunderPotatoCactus (99% done) [​IMG]
    Kills fungal monsters to gain massive amounts of potato cacti.

    Current features:
    • Banks (only with preset 2)
    • Runs to fungal area
    • fairy ring support
    • Combat with regeneration and eating
    • Looting
    • Better paint (Look thunderAPI for more)
    • Dynamic sig /w highscores
    • GUI

    ThunderFighter (Done) [​IMG]
    This is a advanced fighter bot.

    Originally i made this to help me in combat. like if i leaved the keyboard/alt+tabbed it would continue for me and not let me die; But i changed it to a AIO fighter :D

    Originally called "ThunderCombatHelper" ^^

    Current features:
    • Fight anything near you
    • Regenerating when low hp
    • Eating support
    • GUI to select items to loot, food to eat and monsters to attack.
    • Paint with tabs
    • Looting
    • Loot rares (ex. brawlers)
    • Stopping settings, stop bot when you want it to.
    • Bone burying support
    • OSRS support!
    • Setting saving
    • Prayer support
    • Potion support
    • ThunderFighter V2 plans:
      • Dynamic sig /w highscores
      • Banking sequence
      • Record paths to bank/fighting area
      • Deathrun (Run to your gravestone to get your items)
      • Cannon support
      • Weapon fixing. ex. Drygores

    ThunderYakHide (Done) [​IMG]
    Buys yak-hide and banks it.

    This does not any paints or anything and i'm planning to leave it like it is.

    I won't release it, but if you want it. I can send you a link.

    i will make it open source.

    Current features:
    • Buys yakhide and banks it.
    • Simpe paint


    ThunderFDK (Planning) [​IMG]
    Kills frost dragons for loot and xp

    This is a project i'm going to work on near future (in a month)

    This was a private bot request, but it is being turned to a public bot.

    • Nothing yet. It's still in planning phase.
    • Nothing yet
    • World hopping
    • Orb detection
    • Prayer support
    • Advanced potion handling (Will decant them into larger ones)
    • Magic notepaper support
    • BoB support
    • Deathwalking
    • Charming imp support
    • Loot priorization
    • Different routes and banking locations
    • Gear fixing ex. Drygores
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  2. I was wondering why you had the Bot Author PIP while not having any public scripts bots :D
    Good luck with your development, this sure looks promising :)
  3. This looks so fancy
  4. @Thunderkill I'm quite curious as to which code you are using to implement dynamic signatures. Mind pm'ing me snippets? I have my own methods.
  5. I can make a tutorial on my way of implementing one. Also with highscores and goodies.
  6. That's nice, it's just the code I'm interested in though. I'm a webdeveloper, so php interests me :)

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