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  1. I am using Alpha Divination alot lately, but i never know when the client starts a new hour :)
    Add like a countdown timer when it will charge the next 0.05$ again :)

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  2. It start a new hour when the bot has run one hour, so basically when your bot says 59 minutes of running time you can stop the bot before it charges another 5 cents.
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  3. inb4 fix. but aint nobody got time for that lol.
  4. You get charged when you start the bot and then in another 60 minutes. What is there to fix? It's foolproof.
  5. I mean when I am at work, I stop the bot with teamviewer. I have no time to check the paint. Then I restart it at the end of my noon break. But I can Never know when it will charge again. You see what I mean?
    I Know I could count the timer in the paints but at work it is just not an optioneel.
  6. i still think there needs to be an app that tracks the progress of running bots on your RM account :^)
  7. Me 2 :p just like a copy of the paint :p
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  8. Yes I know but I mean on the cliënt :p like just a timer running and counting down from one hour to 0 seconds
  9. How would that be different from the paint timer?
  10. well it depends, if you botted like 5h and 28 minutes, and you stop for a few hours, will it recharge when you start the script bot again? or will it still give you the 32minutes?
  11. As far as I can tell, it starts charging once the bot starts/gui pops up. While it would be cool if for that example they gave you the 32 minutes, I beleive it would just be easier to stop your bots around the hour mark of your own choosing. I haven't used this, but I assume that does that/is useful for that.
  12. Like yesterday i stopped Alpha Divination at 4h's and 09minutes... see what i mean :p i would like to know, if i would still get the 51 minutes or not xd
  13. Yeah I know what you mean :p I'm pretty sure once you stop the bot that's it. When you start it, it starts a new session.
  14. To confirm you get charged at the beginning of the hour and each bot execution is its own transaction. So if you stopped at 4h 9m you will have been charged 5 times. If you start a new bot it will start a completely separate transaction. This is standard practice in the *aaS industry, such as Amazon Web Services.

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