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  1. I'd really love to buy gold from someone other than OGPAL because they started telling me they'll just take my money and not give me any GP if I don't verify my paypal which I cannot do right now... But I'm paranoid about trying any other site.

    Does anyone here have good experiences with probemas? Can I trust them for buying deadman gp?
  2. I'd recommend PieGP, and Crim's Gold, so long as you have ID.
  3. Afaik probemas is a legit guy with a legit site.
    You could try food4rs though
  4. Just ordered from food4rs really hoping it turns out ok

    edit: WOW that was fast. great site thanks for the suggestion
  5. It has always turned out good for me. Just keep talking to em on livechat if a problem arises.
  6. www.treegp.com has the best prices, if anyone is lower we will beat their price :)
  7. If you're interested in advertising with us and putting that banner to better use, please feel free to hit me up via PM.
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