OSRS Tutorial Island Bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Rizzah, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. Looking to make several accounts.
  2. Just do legit ....
  3. We bot so that we aren't wasting our own personal time. Several accounts at 10-15 mins per account adds up to a lot of time - especially for goldfarmers who will be making many accounts pretty regularly.

    It's a reasonable request. Your comment is like me saying "just max melee legit" on a botting site.
  4. not doing tut island is a red flag (as quoted by fagex)
  5. The idea is not to not do it, but to have a bot do it for you.
  6. i mean doing it legit !! using a bot throw ups a easy and big red flag . *
  7. If it were as simple as that, so would all bots doing all tasks. If anything I would have thought it would be harder to detect bots doing tutorial island, because of the lack of variety in the tasks you have to do.

    Think about if, if you have lost of options for how to do a task, but you repeatedly do it one way, you're easily profile-able, whereas if there is only one way to do a task, how do you differentiate between those doing it manually and those automating it?

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